Farm Fresh Eggs

Chicken Eggs

All free Range, & Fed Natural Grains

Brown, White & Green Chicken Eggs

Goose Eggs

Duck Eggs

Turkey Eggs

Guinea Fowl Eggs

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The listings below are to Pre-order 4 Shares


       30 Farm Fresh Eggs                  12 Farm Fresh Eggs                  12 Duck Eggs                             6 Goose Eggs                             12 Green Eggs                            12 Quail Eggs 
            4 Shares                                     4 Shares                                        4 Shares                                        4 Shares                                        4 Shares                                        4 Shares             



Healing Plants/Herbs

Pink Guava Leaves


Cassia Leaves


Barbados Cherry 

Sour Sop


Blue Agave

Farm Products

Cassava Flour 

Cassava Starch

Aloe Juice


Homemade Dog & Cat Treats

Out of the Ashes Foundation Inc.

CSA Member Package

30 Farm Fresh Eggs per week$68 for 4 Shares 
12 Farm Fresh Eggs week $26 for 4 Shares
12 Duck Eggs per week$36 for 4 shares
6 Goose eggs per week$30 per share*   (Seasonal)
12 Green Eggs per week $32 for 4 shares
30 Farm Fresh Eggs per week$223 for 13 shares 
12 Farm Fresh Eggs per week $95 for 13 shares
12 Duck Eggs per week $108 per 13 shares
6 Goose Eggs per week $30 per share* (Seasonal)
12 Green Eggs per week$104 per 13 shares 

​​​​Our Fresh Local Products in our CSA are naturally grown, raised and hand-crafted by the Youth in our Nature Programs. Out of the Ashes Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization reconnecting youth with Nature.  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means the community supports the farmer. For access to the farmer and fresh local food the community signs up as members. Members may purchase shares as follows;

             $40 per Large Produce Share                                      $30 per Small Produce Share                 CSA Membership Renew Annually

Our Produce CSA is available for 13 shares  with a 4 share minimum. 
Each week you will receive between five to ten items made up a variety of Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs 
Farm Fresh Free Range Organic Eggs Shares are available as follows:

Fresh Produce

Green Bananas





Mustard Greens



Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)

nature's way

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Coming Soon

Wheat Grass

Air Yam



Swiss Chard

Indian Corn

Passion Fruit


& Much More 

Can't find what your looking for? Let us know, we can start working on adding it to our CSA 



Organic Free Range  Whole Chicken

2 ½ lbs. - 3 ½ lbs.

3 ½ lbs. - 4 ½ lbs.

​4 ½ lbs. – 5 ½ lbs.

Organic Free Range Boneless Chicken Breast

Join our CSA today to ensure you and your family will enjoy the best and freshest food possible right from our Farm!

  • Local

  • Fresh

  • Organic

  • No Soy 

  • No GMO

  • Happy and Healthy Animals 

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Out of the Ashes Foundation  Inc.