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Little Farmers 

The Little Farmer Program works with youth Pre k- 5th Grade in areas of Natural Re- connection, Environmental Awareness, and Self-Sustainability. Each lesson combines lecture with vocabulary examples, and activity to keep it educational, and fun. Below is the current list on lessons offered:

Lesson 1: Farming Introduction***

The Little Farmers are introduced to the Farm Environment, and learn the appropriate behavior for a farm. Learn all safety rules to stay safe on the Farm.

Lesson 2: All about Chickens

The Little Farmers learn about different breeds of chickens, their diet and nutrition, egg production on the farm and what " Free Range" means. Little Farmers learn the important roles chickens play on the farm and work hands on with them.

Lesson 3: Photosynthesis & Plant Nutrition

Little Farmers learn about the plant cycle tying together the plants life cycle and what exactly the plant is trying to do. Little Farmers learn about the nutrients plants get from the soil and give to us.

Lesson 4: Starting Seeds

The Little Farmers learn the steps to begin planting seeds. Learn the proper depth to plant seeds along with proper watering techniques to insure proper germination. Also all the things to give plants a good start. At the end the Little Farmers will have potted plant to take home.

Lesson 5: Planting a Garden

The Little Farmers use all the skills they have learned to create their own garden inspired by other examples from gardens they have seen in their neighborhood, school, and around the world.

Lesson 6: Animal Care

The Little Farmers will learn how to care for different animals on the farm. Learning how to behave around them, what each animal needs, their roles on the farm and work hands on with them.

***The Farming Introduction Class is Mandatory

$10.00 per Lesson. Special Rates apply for groups

RSVP one (1) week in advance


Volunteer Opportunities open for all ages. 

OOTAF Field Trips -Visit our Farm 

Field Trips are $60.00 for the first 10 participants and $5.00 for each additional participant. There must be one adult chaperon per five children (free) A field trip must be scheduled seven days in advance. 

The Dress Code for the farm is enclosed shoes, long pants and comfortable shirt. 

Currently Field Trips are available for a Saturday or Sunday. 

Re-purpose Workshop

In this Workshop Participants will learn to reuse items on the Farm. We will use different items in new and creative ways. Promoting Recycling and keeping our environment safe and clean.

This Work shop is $5.00 

All ages are welcome

All funds raised support our Nature Youth Program

Thank You for your support 

Rod & Lure Building Classes